Who Wrote the Bible?

“I think the heavenly messengers composed the stanzas, and God assisted the heavenly messengers with composing it out,” says Sara, 8.

That is a great deal of composing, yet I believe there’s more going on in the background. Sacred texts record messages conveyed by holy messengers, however individuals did the composition.

“A few names of certain individuals are Matthew, Imprint, Luke and John, and in the event that they incorrectly spelled a word, they would need to begin once again,” says Jennifer, 9.

All things considered, Jennifer is onto something. Hebrew recorders called am I my brother’s keeper sopherim were so cautious in replicating Hebrew Scriptures scrolls, they fostered a practice of counting the letters of each scriptural text. In the event that the letter count of a duplicate didn’t match the first, Jennifer’s “begin once again” would apply.

“I think the pupils composed it, and Jesus and God,” says Robert, 8. “They composed it on scrolls. Then they cut [it] in squares, and they got calfskin and made the cover and set up it.”

“God advised individuals to make duplicates,” says Joel, 10. “Individuals did it. They sold them.”

It’s actually selling. A large number of years, the Book of scriptures keeps on being the No. 1 merchant. Some or the Book of scriptures has been all converted into in excess of 2,200 dialects, as per a representative for Wycliffe Book of scriptures Interpreters.

“Since God was in paradise, and not on The planet, He advised others through their psyches what to compose,” says Casey, 10. “God is the person who truly made every one of the words, yet individuals who got it down composed it written down.”

Casey’s thought is that individuals worked as secretaries as in God directed the words.

Lynden, 9, accepts individuals assumed a more dynamic part: “God let individuals know who composed the Book of scriptures to compose kind of in their heart. He didn’t simply descend from paradise and say this is what to compose.”

I like the way Anna, 9, states it: “God brainstormed the Book of scriptures, however he gave individuals the psyche to compose the Holy book.” Derek, 8, adds, “The Good book was composed with opportunity.”

As such, God utilized the character and the conditions of every author to pass on his message. Sarah, 10, quotes from II Timothy 2:16 when she states, “All Sacred writing is given by motivation of God, and is productive for tenet, for criticism, for revision, for guidance in uprightness. . . .”

“Motivation” is in a real sense deciphered “God-inhaled.” When God inhales, things occur – – like the making of the world (Hymn 33:6) and the production of man (Beginning 2:7). “Sacred text is the result of his imaginative breath,” composes scholar Carl F.H. Henry.

“Blessed men who were God’s kin composed the Book of scriptures and God assisted them with knowing what to compose,” says Scott, 10. I keep thinking about whether Scott was thinking about the Witness Peter’s explanation that “heavenly righteous men talked as they were moved by the Essence of God” (II Peter 1:21).

I generally picture a boat when I read this text on the grounds that “moved” can be deciphered “borne or conveyed along.” When a boat skims nimbly through water, it’s the consequence of participation between the breeze and a mariner who knows how to set the sail.

It’s significant to ponder how the Good book was composed, yet considerably more significant is the manner by which it ought to be utilized in our lives. Nicole, 9, suggests involving the Good book as your rudder for going great through life: “God composed the Book of scriptures since he believed us should know him and how he helped us. God likewise composed the Holy book since he cherishes us definitely so he imparts the Good book to us.”

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